Happy #2 Review

Happy #2 picks up right where #1 left off and violence isn't too far behind. Three pages in, a face is being pounded and scalpels are being jammed into mouths. It's a bloody affair, which is kinda odd when you consider the fact that one of the comics main characters is a tiny, flying donkey unicorn named Happy. This is a crazy book that could be a straight-forward crime tale if it wasn't for that aforementioned cartoon character.

Grant Morrison is playing with us, obviously. Nick is a bastard of a character with almost no redeemable qualities. Happy should be a figment of his imagination, but he's real. He has to be. He gives Nick information, tells him things that Nick could never know on his own. So Happy is real and Nick is an awful human being. Where is Morrison going with this? What's his play here? I don't know, but I know I want to find out. I'm not invested in the characters, or even the story, really, but I want to know what is up with that little donkey, so I'll keep reading. You got me, Morrison.

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